10 Things I Learned From SXSW 2016


  1. Say no to texting and drinking
  2. Always look both ways for pedicabs, trains, unicyclists, and dancing bears before crossing the street
  3. Jealousy is a recipe for disaster
  4. Doppelgängers do exist so double check you’re talking to the right person before you dish out your dirt
  5. Remember “PKW”. Phone, Keys, Wallet at all times
  6. Say no to seafood + food trucks
  7. Boots were made for walking. High heels were made for sitting.
  8. If someone comes up and offers you “blue or yellow” do walk away, quickly
  9. During SXSW free CD’s are the equivalent to candy on Halloween
  10. When in doubt take the main streets, alleys might be quicker but they’re a slippery slope downhill