page of swords.


Sometimes I look up towards the ceiling and ask why…
Why am I here? Why would you leave us here? What purpose are we here for? Why…why…why? I just really have to ponder and ruminate on why we’re here. Why allow us to live in a world of suffer? Why do people feel a void, an emptiness? Why do we continue to live in a grayscale world where you work for money to survive? Where is the joy? Where is the fulfillment, the passion, the child-like curiosity for the world? Why is it we feel so stuck in our reality? When do we get to escape the restless thoughts and demands of everyday life? Why do we not know how to breathe?

What is this…this life/movie/story/dream? Is it real? Why do I feel there is more than what meets the eye? These questions are not new to me but with my first born child on the way I can’t help but to revisit these unanswered questions. For what purpose am I to my daughter when I don’t know the purpose of why as a collective we are here. What am I to teach my daughter? One thing I know is I want her to know her purpose. I want her to feel fulfilled, happy, and joyous. I want her to live in a life of color. I want her sufferings to be the lessons in life to propel her to success in whatever manifestation she desires— whether it be in the form of money, love, true freedom, etc.

Perhaps my daughter is actually the one birthing me. Perhaps she has a plan and a mission for me. As I see it now, the only thing that is evident is the fact that my daughter is birthing life, happiness, joy, fulfillment into me. And I thank her for that.

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