what inspires you?


Love inspires me. I love to love. I love giving love to others—friend, family, or foe. I have enough love to love everyone abundantly. I have a love for myself: mind, body, and spirit. I have a true wealth of love for my children who are yet to come and for the one who left too soon.

Giving back to others inspires me. I like helping others to see how important they are. I like giving motivational advice and guidance to people. People have always sought me out for this because I am unbiased and not afraid to be honest.

My spiritual calling inspires me. It wasn’t until my darkest moment that I woke up and realized that this did not have to be my reality. From that point, with guidance from the divine, I have been left tiny breadcrumbs to help me see the road to my success. And it’s just that; my success is not defined the same way as yours. My success lies in helping others and love people unconditionally. I find true worth in that. And it’s a plus because I will likely have one bangin’ obituary! (: Otherwise, I see nothing wrong in love people so they can pass it on and share the wealth. And I know my husband and children will adore me for these traits as well.

Please share below, what inspires you?