from my voice to your ears: love, spirituality, travel & career

Sometimes I find that thoughts, rants, and ideas in my head pop up so rapidly that it’s hard for me to write it all down. Especially during the nighttime, when ideas are running rampant and I’m just trying my hardest to get some shuteye! Who knows, as I’m writing this right now it almost sounds as if I have voices in my head, right? Wrong, many people experience the same thing I go through and thankfully that’s why they invented the voice recorder! For people like me who have amazing thoughts or questions but seem to forget what they are as soon as we go to reach for a pen and paper.

One of the voice recordings I want to share with you is all about love, travel, career, and spirituality. I go on to explain how these four areas in my life are taking shape into my 2016 year and previously my 2015 year. With 2015 having been my focus on all things related to “travel and spirituality” and now in 2016 my focus adds in all things related to “career and love”. These distinct focuses have more in common than that meets the eye. Have a listen then be sure to leave a comment down below. I am very curious to know whether you too are focusing on similar things or if you have a different method that is working for you!

world keeps on turnin



winter chills, cloudy skies, undisturbed days
when the leaves are no more
trees bare their soul, they replenish mine
ever peaceful, grounding, yoga mat black as my skin
crystals roll off my body and sheild me from the cold
puppies rush to me for kisses
those same kisses i miss from my love, my king
look out into the horizon i see the mother of winter
but behind that lies the opportunity of spring
just be patient, the sun will come
with every passing moon reflecting that same sun
be patient, the sun will come