take one

The satisfaction of being your own kind
Making your own decisions and knowledge of mind
The truth of the fact of what you empower
Which seeks out the brave unlike the cowards
You imagine who you are and what you want to be
But the truth will unfold onto a mirror to show the real me

Yes this is I, flaws and all
But don’t get it twisted I have grace beyond them all
Unimaginable untold goals that I dream
And to one day which I will succeed
Until the day where my road comes to an end
I will grow to be a smart, confident, and thankful woman
For all that God has blessed me with
And the everlasting family bliss

To be myself, is to be my own
And to be my own, is to seek and forgo
Don’t be ashamed to live your life
And remember to never stop the fight
God has a plan for me, with or without the support of family
I have a right and passage to my own mind
Therefore I am one-of-a-kind



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